In today’s real estate market, professional property management is the key to preserving asset value and increasing cash flow. This type of management, when implemented successfully, has the ability to directly affect the profitability of your investment property through:

• Maintaining lease rates at market level
Our team is specialized in lease negotiations. We will work towards your leasing goals while keeping a competitive watch on the surrounding markets and lease rates.

• Decreasing maintenance & repair costs
We understand the importance of operating a lean and efficient maintenance program. We work closely with local and national vendors to find the most competitive rates for your property maintenance.

• Renting to quality tenants
The property management division thoroughly screens and researches each prospective tenant in an attempt to ensure the quality and reliability.

• Utilizing vendor relations to provide quality service
Working closely with our vendors enhances the quality and savings for each property we manage.

• Resources for market rates and trends
Our proven track record and continued success allows us to draw on market information to share with our clients regarding market rates and trends.

In the past, property owners have relied solely upon the appreciation of asset value for financial stability. Now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to have a professional property manager in order to build wealth and protect your investment.

Through a partnership with Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc., landlords can entrust all aspects of property management to us. With Capital Real Estate Management Inc., you have a property management team behind you, guiding and advising you on your day to day and long term challenges.

Today, the real estate market is a dynamic industry that faces many challenges, yet offers many opportunities. To take on these challenges head on, you need the right property management team behind you. Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. property management division works with you, protecting your investment while building a relationship for peace of mind.