Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. is a unique company in the property management industry because our property managers have many years of experience outside of commercial real estate, including corporate finance and accounting.

Randy Rivera founded Capital Real Estate Ventures in 2003. He wanted to bring a like minded championship team approach to the commercial real estate industry and built our company based upon the principle of creating a culture and environment where highly specialized and experienced team members can share information and all operate with similar values and ethics; all which are inline to clients we choose to partner with.

When we formed, we did it because we like and trust each other, and our clients are the same way. In the industry, it’s very unique to share information and in order to do that on our platform you have to have trust and respect for clients and other agents.

Our competitive advantage is our experience. With the Principals having personally owned over 100 properties valuing in excess of $500 million, we can attest and relate to our clients the challenges that an owner has with a property. We have owned apartments, offices, single tenant investments and shopping centers. We have developed, rehabbed and re-developed numerous properties. This experience of various product types has given us a competitive advantage in the commercial real estate industry. “We’re not afraid to go out and show you what we own currently or have owned as well as what we’re selling, leasing and managing.” – Randy Rivera

Often property owners do not realize the benefits of professional, full-service property management to their commercial real estate assets. A property manager is a critical tool to maximize return and preserve asset value especially during periods of market volatility.

We understand the importance of reducing slippage to increase cash flow and being able to obtain the highest market value for your property when you choose to sell. We are all aware of the volatility in the real estate and financial markets and the effect this is having on the economy as a whole.

Contact us today for a no charge consultation of your real estate investment. A few minutes today could save you thousands of dollars tomorrow. Let us know how we can help you and your real estate portfolio.


Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. understands that rent collection is key to maintaining a strong cash flow for your property. For this reason, we always maintain the collection of rents as a high priority. We are constantly in touch with our tenants and make sure that all tenants pay their rent and pay on time.


Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. has an in-house maintenance department that performs most of the maintenance and repairs on our properties in addition to long standing relationships with local and national contractors. This includes everything from minor plumbing repairs to major remodeling of units. We monitor all contractors to ensure you receive quality workmanship at competitive rates.

We monitor our maintenance phone line 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Our maintenance staff is also on call 24 hours per day. The availability of our staff alone saves our owners thousands of dollars per year. Our team can usually repair a problem for less than the price of a service charge by the time an outside vendor even shows up.


Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. has developed relationships with major carriers and because of our large inventory, we are able to secure lower premiums to protect the Owner, Tenants and Customers from liability risks.


Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. pays all of the bills and invoices for the property each month with the financial contributions collected monthly from the property. These include, but are not limited to: mortgage payment, property taxes, insurance, water, trash, and electric bills, advertising, vendors, and management fees. In other words, the owner does not have to worry about any of the expenses being paid each month. All invoices are sent directly to our office and are then paid for out of the trust account.


Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. uses various local and national sources of advertising and referral services in order to keep the vacancy rate of our rentals low. This means that the period of vacancy for your units is minimal and therefore your rental income is maximized.


One of the most important services provided by Capital Real Estate Ventures, Inc. is the monthly and yearly accounting of income and expenses for your property. For accounting purposes we use professional management software called Manage-It which is one of the industry leaders in software for property management. Our monthly reports can be handed over directly to your personal accountant at year end. In addition, we keep records of all financial statements, receipts, and deposits for at least 3 years. All of your financial records are available to you on our secure web based client login.